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Registration for PE classes


Registration for the classes of Physical Education
instructions for exchange students
winter semester 2018/2020

The registration for PE classes will be open from September 17, 2018, 8.00 am
until October 14, 2018.

The registration for Winter skiing and snowboarding courses starts from September 17, 2018, 8.00 am. Information about Winter Skiing and Snowboarding courses by clicking on SPORT COURSES.

How to apply for Physical Education (PE) classes:

  1. Enroll the subject(s) Physical Education under the code(s) TVV and/or TVV0 (you can register up to two sports). You must be registered in both paper (your index booklet) and electronic (KOS System) forms; it will be accomplished on your request at the Study Department of your home faculty. It is recommended to register for the Physical Education classes during the first registration at your home faculty, thus you will have more courses to choose from.
  2. Complete the registration at this web page (select a sport):
    vykřičník You will be able to complete the registration at the earliest one day after the enrollment of the subject Physical Education in KOS.

    Guidlines for the registration at this web page:

    • Go to log in in the section Apply for PE classes of the left-side menu;
    • Enter your Username and Password to KOS;
    • If you have enrolled more than one subject Physical Education (more than one code in KOS), choose the code you want to apply for from the drop-dpwn menu. If you have enrolled only one subject Physical Education, go directly to the next step;
    • Select any of the available PE classes in which you are interested (choose any sport from the drop-down menu and see the table with offered PE classes);
    • Click the register button to complete the registration for selected PE classes (inactive button means that the selected PE classes not available due to limited capacity - the number in the column marked FC is 0);
    • Check that the system has registered you successfully; your name will appear in the list of registered students (it will be displayed by clicking on the number in the column marked rs);
    • If you want to make a change, register for another free PE classes and your previous selection will automatically be removed;
    • If you want to cancel the selected PE classes, go to the information about the registered PE classes (in the upper-right part of the page) and cancel it by clicking the cancel button.
  3. When the time comes (the term begins October 1, 2018), attend the classes of Physical Education you have applied for. All necessary information, such as the schedule, the address of the sports facility, the teacher’s contact information, and the variable symbol for paid courses, is mentioned in the table in which you have completed the registration.
  4. If you attend any PE classes for which a payment is levied (any payment is indicated in the appropriate column in the registration table), present a receipt as proof of payment to your teacher. Go to the Payments page to get further information about the payment.
  5. The handicapped students, who want to participate at the PE classes, must contact PhdDr. Daniel Žáček prior to the start of the semester.
  6. If you have already paid for selected classes of Physical Education and you cannot attend it, you can request a refund. Print Refund Request Form, fill it in, sign it and hand it in the secretary of the Institute of Physical Education and Sport.
  7. If you cannot attend any of the courses, you should officially cancel them at the Study Department of your home faculty.
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